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Are you ready to balance

your hormones and 

improve your health?

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Hey there!


Hi! I'm Hayley, Registered Nutritionist and Specialist in

Women's Hormonal Health.

If you're struggling with problematic periods, horrendous PMS, low mood, digestive problems or fertility issues... you've come to the right place! 

I’m a huge believer that every woman should have access to the knowledge, information and vital missing support that enables them to lead a happy, healthy, vibrant and symptom-free life. I help empower women to take charge of their own health and help bring their hormones back into balance, so they can start feeling happy and at home in their bodies again. 

Before I met Hayley, I had PMS, painful periods and extreme mood swings. Hayley was great at explaining to me how hormones, diet and nutrition can play a massive part in monthly cycle problems. I had tests to see what my hormone levels were, and then we worked together to get these levels back to where they should be through healthy diet, supplements and ideas to relieve stress. Since then, my mood swings have really improved, my sleep is so much better and my periods are back on track. Working with Hayley has been the best thing I have done for my quality of life and that of my family. 

Claire Winning

Fed up of PMS or dread that time of the month?

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You may be suffering with a hormone imbalance if you experience any of the following:


  • You dread your monthly periods as they can be heavy and painful; or your periods are irregular or non-existent.

  • That time of the month is full of bloating, breakouts, tears and out-of-control cravings.

  • You feel stressed out or tired most of the time.

  • You are struggling to lose weight, despite eating the right foods and doing regular exercise.

  • You have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), a thyroid imbalance or endometriosis.

  • You are struggling to regulate your period or getting pregnant after coming off the birth control pill.

  • You have digestive issues such as bloating, IBS and constipation.

What are the signs of a hormone imbalance?

What conditions can I help with?




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Hormonal Imbalances

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Fertility support

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Stress & Tiredness

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FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call
1:1 Coaching 
Functional Testing

Trying for a baby?

Wherever you are on your fertility journey, optimising your nutrition can help you take back control of your health and fertility.
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