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Hormone-balancing support

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Are you ready to take charge of your health? 

If you're struggling with horrendous or non-existent periods, monthly breakouts, crazy mood swings or unexplained infertility and want to get to the root cause of your issues, you're in the right place!


My transformative hormone balancing programme helps women to get to the bottom of their health issues and teaches them how to naturally support their hormones through personalised dietary and lifestyle changes.

It is possible for you to optimise your cycle, reduce PMS and regain your energy so you can look and more importantly, FEEL amazing! Read more on my story and previous struggles with my own hormones here.

A hormone balancing programme is for you if you're struggling with ANY of the below.

You have been diagnosed with a specific hormonal condition and are wanting some guidance on how to manage its symptoms naturally. Conditions where Nutritional Therapy may help are: endometriosis, thyroid issues, fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), infertility and PMS.

You dread your monthly periods as they can be heavy and painful, or your periods are irregular or non-existent. That time of the month is also full of bloating, breakouts, tears and cravings and you want some support on how to regulate your period and reduce PMS symptoms naturally.

You have been struggling to get pregnant for over six months, have had multiple miscarriages or long-standing fertility issues.

You have been struggling to lose weight over a period greater than six months, despite eating the right foods and doing regular exercise. You want to explore whether hormones may be underlying your lack of progress.

You are already pregnant or have recently given birth and want to optimise your nutrition, to give your baby the best start in life.

You feel stressed out or tired most of the time and just want to feel energised, happy and at home in your body again.

You have digestive issues such as bloating, IBS and constipation.

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What are the benefits of a coaching programme?

  • Getting to the root cause of your problems

  • Regular periods that aren't too heavy or painful

  • Increased energy

  • Improved mood

  • Stable weight

  • Increased fertility

  • Improved skin

  • Better digestive health

  • Feeling like you are in control of your health

  • Improved resilience to stress

  • Disease prevention

Client Success Stories

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After 2 months, my acne has disappeared and my period pain and IBS are a million times better!

“I’ve been working with Hayley for the last few months to try and combat some of my PMS symptoms, understand my body a bit better and balance my hormones. I was struggling with acne, period IBS and anxiety at certain points in my cycle. After two months my acne has basically disappeared, my period pain and IBS are a million times better and the anxiety I was feeling around the time I was due has lessened considerably. She’s a witch 😂 She has been so helpful in helping me not only understand what my body needs and why it acts in a certain way, but also showing me with hard facts how stress is affecting my body. 2023 came with a total new mindset and understanding of myself and lots of that is down to Hayley!"

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Claire W

Working with Hayley has been the best thing I have done for my quality of life and that of my family!

Before I met Hayley, I had PMS, painful periods and extreme mood swings. Hayley was great at explaining to me how hormones, diet and nutrition can play a massive part in monthly cycle problems. I had tests to see what my hormone levels were, and then we worked together to get these levels back to where they should be through healthy diet, supplements and ideas to relieve stress. Since then, my mood swings have really improved, my sleep is so much better and my periods are back on track. Working with Hayley has been the best thing I have done for my quality of life and that of my family. 

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Thanks to Hayley, I've had minimal symptoms after coming off the pill!

With Hayley’s guidance, I came off the pill and ovulated and had a period straight away (which was not expected at all!) but I definitely think all the work I had done with Hayley on supplements, diet etc beforehand had really enabled this to happen. I feel much more in control of my body as a result. With Hayley’s support, I have had minimal symptoms since coming off the pill. I have had no anxiety, no period pain, my skin hasn't broken out and I just generally feel happier and healthier. I loved working with Hayley and I now know how to support my hormonal health through diet. I feel like it's put me in such good stead for the future!”

A hormone balancing programme is RIGHT for you if...

You aren’t getting to the root cause of your symptoms and want to find out what is really going on.

You’ve been told your test results are ‘normal’ but are still struggling with your health issues.

You often feel overwhelmed and confused by conflicting advice.

You’re open to trying new foods, reducing certain 'trigger' foods and making changes to your lifestyle.

You want to start feeling healthy, happy and at home in your body

You are ready to INVEST both time and money in your health

A hormone balancing programme is NOT RIGHT for you if...

You would find making small changes to your diet and lifestyle difficult.

You are looking for a quick fix and expect change to happen overnight.


You are not willing to be held accountable for the suggestions I recommend to you.

You’re unwilling to invest time and money into your health.


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Kickstart Package

(6 weeks)

A 6-week programme created for busy women who are already committed to a healthy lifestyle but are looking for some short-term yet personalised support for a specific niggling health concern to kickstart their hormonal health journey.

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Essentials Package

(3 months)


A 3 month programme designed for woman who want to get to the root cause of their hormonal symptoms and would prefer some more thorough support. This programme will cover all the essentials you need to support your hormonal health and start feeling better than ever.

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Transform Package

(6 Months)

A transformative 6 month programme which is ideal for women with more complex and long-standing health issues, who are looking for more comprehensive support and accountability to enable sustainable progression towards their long-term goals.

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Not sure which package
is right for you?

No problem! Let's have a chat and work out, together, which option might be best for you. Feel free to book a free 30-minute phone consultation to find out more.

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